Robson Thermal Mfg. Ltd.

Robson Thermal is a Canadian manufacturer of fire rated canvas and regular canvas, lagging, coatings, and adhesives for mechanical insulation, HVAC, and other trades.

We develop products that save energy, improve indoor air quality, reduce maintenance costs, and/or improve productivity.

Our production facility is located in Delta, BC and our head office is in White Rock, BC.

Since 1992 Robson Thermal has developed over 300 speciality coatings, adhesives, sealants, and composites that apply to many industries including airports, marine, industrial plants, film and stage, water parks, hospitals, schools, office buildings, and commercial buildings.

Our products include anti-condensation paint, fire rated canvas, duct sealant, duct liner adhesive, lagging adhesive, fitting cotton, fire retardant, duct liner coating, foamed modeling paste, and more.